Postage meter updates

Posatge Meter Update

As a postage meter customer, you have access to cheaper postage rates. Make sure you have updated your mailing, shipping, or software product rates. Check the installation instructions below to find out more.

As always, Pitney Bowes will make any postal rate change process as simple for you as possible. Once you have completed the download instructions your Pitney Bowes postage meter will include the new postal rates the next time you connect.

Australia Post will typically advise a month or so in advance of any rate change. Pitney Bowes will in turn advise customers accordingly. Alternatively, you can call 13 23 63 to check the status of the rates in your meter.




Read about the Installation Instructions in the next section

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How to update your SendPro meter:
  1. Select the FUNDS APP on the Home Screen
  2. Press GET BALANCE – once completed select CONTINUE
  3. On Home screen select RATES AND UPDATES APP
  4. IF THERE ARE NO UPDATES, your system is up to date. Select OK, then select DONE to return to the Home Screen to resume operations
  5. IF UPDATES ARE AVAILABLE, the system begins the download and displays the amount of time required to complete it. Once the download is complete you are prompted to INSTALL UPDATES. You can either INSTALL NOW, or AUTO INSTALL at the next sleep or shutdown. (The system may need to restart to complete the installation) FOLLOW THE PROMPTS to complete the update installation and you’re done.

How to update your DM300-400 meter:

  1. Press the REFILL key
  2. Press the CHECK PBP BALANCE key
  3. The meter will automatically connect, and after a brief pause, display the PBP Balance
  4. Press continue and the meter will display either DOWNLOAD NOW or SKIP, RETURN HOME
  5. Select DOWNLOAD NOW. On completion, you will be notified to select RETURN HOME to return to the home screen.

How to update your DM100 meter

  1. Press the ADD POSTAGE key.
  2. Press the CHECK PBP Balance key.
  3. The meter will automatically connect, after a brief pause it will display the PBP balance.
  4. Press the red NO key to add postage and an UPDATE AVAILABLE screen will appear.
  5. Select GET UPDATE NOW and a download will start.
  6. On completion, a SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD COMPLETE message will be displayed. Select the CONTINUE button.

If you have any questions regarding the new rates, please contact our Call Centre on 13 23 63 and we will be glad to assist you. 

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