Save on flat rate meter satchels for road or express shipping services. Plus get access to Express Post for important documents without leaving your office all with the convenience of your own envelope.

Using a Postage Meter gives you access to a wide variety of shipping solutions including: 

  • Small parcels
  • Regular parcels
  • Express Post parcels
  • Flat Rate Express Post Satchels (up to 5kg)
  • Flat Rate Parcel Post Satchels (up to 5kg)
  • Local country parcels
  • Cash on Delivery

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Pay for postage as you need it

Access cheaper parcel pricing with “Pay as you go” meter satchels. These satchels provide access to flat rates for Parcel Post and Express Post 500g, 3kg and 5kg Satchels. This represents added convenience for shipping and mailing customers. No more hassles visiting the post office, having to obtain petty cash to buy prepaid satchels, or store multiple types and sizes of prepaid satchels on hand. Pay as you go (meter) satchels are available exclusively to postage meter users. The discount also provides for a cheaper than equivalent over-the-counter prepaid flat rate Parcel Post and Express Post satchel pricing.  


Find out more about Pitney Bowes range of Postage Meters

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