Geocoding and address validation

Get more precise, authoritative data through our powerful software.



Match addresses and longitudes/latitudes to your chosen data using your own matching criteria.


Access international coverage for over 240+ countries and territories worldwide.


Maintain precision using your choice of address point, parcel and street frontages.


Deploy chosen modules in an enterprise environment, scaling up and down as required.

Data Dictionaries


When it comes to validating and geocoding an address (or vice-versa using reverse geocoding), there are a wide variety of data sources that can be used. However, due to the complex nature of addressing in Australia, no single data source offers 100% coverage, completeness, or accuracy.


Traditional geocoding and address validation systems tend to work with individual data sources on their own in isolation.


Pitney Bowes has a superior solution. We provide a multi-dimensional approach by delivering multiple data dictionaries that work in harmony with each other in a single system and interface. 


Your data should not be subject to a black box

A ‘black box’ approach to address management results in imprecise locations, incorrect addresses and false-positive matches. That decreases the value of your service to those you support. 


World class geocoding and address validation in Australia


When you can understand and control the underlying components of a geocoding and address validation solution, far greater confidence and accuracy in your data can be achieved. Pitney Bowes provide a multi-dimensional approach to this process. We deliver multiple data dictionaries that work in harmony with each other, all of which can be transparently controlled using matching logic of your choice.


Find out more about how Pitney Bowes geocoding and address validation solutions can be used with data sources and matching techniques

30 years of experience


For the past 30 years Pitney Bowes has provided geocoding and address validation technologies to thousands of organisations in over 100 countries worldwide. Today, this technology is used to validate and geocode billions of addresses in financial services, insurance, telco and public sector organisations around the world.


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