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GeoVision™ by Pitney Bowes is an enhanced version of PSMA’s Geoscape® product (a new and innovative dataset from PSMA Australia and is Australia’s only nationwide representation of the built environment).  

GeoVision has been especially designed to simplify and enhance the experience of Geoscape and will provide a complete picture of every building at an unprecedented level of accuracy and detail including details of height and roofing material. Details of land cover and trees as well as presence of solar panels and swimming pools mean that GeoVision will be an absolutely invaluable data resource for many sectors.

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Examples of GeoVision uses include:

  • Local Govt – flood modelling and identifying illegal building developments and unregistered pools
  • State Govt – identifying fire and flood risk for emergency management
  • Insurance – determining risk for a new property based on factors such as building type, roof material, distance and height of nearby trees and bushland
  • Telco – line of sight calculations for determining ideal locations for new phone towers, taking into account buildings, trees, curvature of the earth, and more
  • Utilities – identifying impedances (such as bushland, trees, and ground cover) for new infrastructure such as a new electricity network
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