Shipping & Mailing

Don’t let the red tape and admin burden crush you.

Save time and money on shipping with SendPro™+ by Pitney Bowes

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Admin and red tape. Two burdens that are very emotionally charged for small businesses. They summon thoughts of endless streams of paperwork for some and sleepless nights for others.

Small businesses are facing many challenges, that’s common knowledge. This year, with the introduction of the Single Touch Payroll (STP) regulation, many business owners are coming to grips with even more reporting required for the ATO.

Recent research by accounting software company Reckon has estimated that small businesses spend more than $20.16 billion per year on admin and payroll. Its survey of 1,300 Australian small businesses found that these companies spend an average of $14,857 or 541 hours on admin every year.[1]

That’s a lot of time lost that could otherwise be spent working on the business and improving the customer experience. Or time that you could spend catching up with family and friends or going on that well-deserved holiday.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. One area where you can make simple changes to reduce your admin burden and save money is shipping and mailing.

The Australian parcel shipping market continues to grow steadily as a result of the ecommerce revolution. The 2018 Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index showed that parcel volume in Australia grew eight percent in 2017 to 841 million parcels, up from 778 million in 2016. Australians receive an average of 34 parcels each year.[2] That’s not surprising given online shopping now makes up 9 per cent of retail spend in Australia.[3]

Many small businesses will already be using a postage meter, as a cost-effective way to manage office mail runs. But we can do better than that. Switching to an integrated mailing and shipping solution can bring greater benefits to your business and help reduce your admin burden.

Switch to SendPro+ for smarter sending

We have tailored our latest parcel shipping and mailing technology, SendPro+, specifically for the Australian market. This integrated solution lets businesses consistently choose the right sending option for each parcel or letter.

Here are six reasons why you should consider an integrated mailing and shipping solution, like SendPro+, for your business:

  • Cost-efficient: We have calculated that a solution like SendPro+ can save small businesses up to 40 per cent on their parcel sending cost – depending on volumes and types of packages.[4] That’s a considerable saving for any small business.
  • Saving time: Having a complete solution at your offices with shipping, mailing and tracking capabilities eliminates trips to the post office, saving time and cost, and increasing productivity.
  • Convenient: SendPro+ provides shipping options and prices, prints labels and tracks parcels in one system. Furthermore, the Pitney Bowes online store has all the supplies for your shipping and mailing equipment including postage meter ink and supplies, paper envelopes, printer toners and more.
  • Easy to use: With a user-friendly Google Android interface, SendPro+ is easy to operate. It takes the guesswork out of sending and removes the complexities of shipping.
  • Better customer experience: SendPro+ enables a fast pick-up and delivery. This means your customers receive their parcels quicker improving their overall experience with your business. Furthermore, real-time tracking of shipments means customers are better informed about the arrival of their packages.
  • Less errors: Historically businesses needed to gather receipts, pre-printed carrier forms, post-it scribbles with addresses, and more. SendPro+ facilitates this cumbersome, but critical process, so you can stay on top of expenses and budgets. You can review one complete statement to see all your shipping costs and easily generate reports for invoicing.

For more information about how we can help your business, or to find out more about SendPro+ today, call 13 23 63 or visit