Drop your lead details with our program manager

The easy 4 steps will help you get to the cash reward faster.


Spot it

Identify and find a potential prospect, that you think might bring Pitney Bowes one step closer to their lives. Can our solutions make a difference to the clients? If you think we can make a difference then log it here.

Log it

Capture the company name, contact number, why do you think this is a lead, mailing country, comments and don't forget to add in your name, to the email you send to our program manager. We will keep you updated on the next steps.

Sell it

The sales teams in Pitney Bowes ANZ will make sure your leads get converted into revenue. We will do efforts to sell them right and service them right.

Cash it

After the lead is converted into a sale, you get a cash reward of 1.5%*. The last step where you bag your reward and we have a happy colleague and a happy client.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The “Leads to cash” lead spotting program is a Pitney Bowes (ANZ) staff incentive program designed to generate new business.
  2. Eligible leads are any Sending Technology Solutions or Mailing sales leads that represent net new business for Pitney Bowes.
  3. The promotional period for this program shall begin 1 October 2015 end 31 December 2015.
  4. Any eligible leads submitted by Spotters will remain open for possible payment for a further period of 3 months (Q1, 2016) to allow Sending Technology Solutions Sales to conduct selling.
  5. Unless otherwise decided at the sole discretion of Pitney Bowes, a Spotter cannot be anyone that has a job function that includes lead generation.
  6. A program lead cannot be as a result of anyone that has called Pitney Bowes or a lead resulting from any other Pitney Bowes initiative.
  7. A monetary reward will be calculated at the rate of 1.5% of the final deal size and paid to lead Spotters in return for eligible sales leads that convert to new business.
  8. A payment cap of AUD$1,500 per eligible converted lead shall exist.
  9. Reward funds will be deposited to the Spotter’s bank account via monthly EFT payroll to best advantage in the next payroll cycle following new business confirmed.
  10. All sales leads will be entered in Salesforce.com and tracked against a dedicated program code.
  11. Leads must be correctly entered by the Spotter into the web-form via the You’re a Champ program web facility provided by Pitney Bowes.
  12. Communication to Spotters will be at the discretion of Pitney Bowes.
  13. Details of specific sales leads become the property of Pitney Bowes and this information will not be published for commercial-in-confidence reasons.
  14. Pitney Bowes reserves the right to arbitrate sales leads and payments based on the best interests of the company, its values and the spirit of this staff rewards program.
  15. Pitney Bowes reserves the right to alter the program or deem any lead ineligible if is necessary to do so.
  16. Payments are subject to assessable income tax and shall be the sole responsibility of the Spotter.
  17. Unless otherwise requested, Pitney Bowes may share new business wins and individual Spotter’s rewards to help promote the program.