Openers, Folders and Finishers

Maintain your privacy, increase efficiency and prepare mail effortlessly.

Experience precision, quality and security every step on the way. With over 90 years of experience, we can help expand your business by providing you with the right mail opening, folding and finishing solutions for your needs.

Every step of the way



Ensure all your jobs are to leading market standards.



Automating daily processes saves you time and money.



A professional finish to mailings increases open rates, responses and helps brand your company consistently.



Make sure you protect your clients and your own privacy, shredding documents in the most responsible ways.


Open your mail

Save your business time and money with a Pitney Bowes letter opener.
The precision slit on one side ensures that valuable documents aren’t damaged, while minimising waste.

DL50 Letter Opener

Gain yourself some time

This sturdy, compact letter opener sits easily on any desk or table, ready to open the wide variety of envelopes that your receive each day.

Image of DL75 Letter Opener

DL75 Letter Opener

Automatically feed a wide range of mail pieces.

The DL75 Letter Opener makes an incision across the top of each envelope, which means there is no waste produced. This removes the risk of paper jams from envelope off cuts – so if you’re in a hurry you won’t be delayed. 

DL400 Letter Opener

Avoid delays

The DL400 Letter Opener makes an incision across the top of each envelope, which means there is no waste produced. This removes the risk of paper jams from envelope off cuts – so if you’re in a hurry you won’t be delayed.

1241 Letter Opener

Keep information flowing

The 1241 Letter Opener opens envelopes fast, so minimising the time it takes for you to gain access to information that affects the profitability of your business.

306 Letter Opener

Make things easy

The advanced technology of the 306 Letter Opener is enhanced by an ergonomic workflow, designed to offer optimum levels of operator comfort, convenience and productivity.

Model 72 Extraction Desk

Mail extraction will save you time by automatically feeding envelopes, opening the mail piece and presenting the contents to the operator

Processing large volumes of incoming mail swiftly is essential to the efficient running of any business. Optimise the productivity of your mailroom by choosing mail extraction over letter opening.

Fold your mail

Automate the manual tasks of folding your mail and newsletters.
Improve your productivity and give your mailings the professional look that your business deserves.

OfficeRight™ Folder DF800

Show you have high standards

The OfficeRight™ Folder DF800 can handle a wide range of paper weights and sizes. With seven fold options you have the flexibility to present your documents in the way that will most impress customers and potential customers.

OfficeRight™ Folder DF900

Keep on running

If you need to load more documents, there’s no need to stop the OfficeRight™ Folder DF900, so there’s with no reduction in productivity. This robust machine can run continually for long periods. However much mail you have it will get it folded fast.

Mail production and finishing accessories

Increase efficiency and prepare mail effortlessly with our range of production and finishing machines and accessories.

Vertical Stacker

Vertical Stacker

Maintains the correct order of envelopes. Easy to unload completed envelopes whilst system is still running ensures maximum productivity. Maximum capacity of one small letter "post" tray.


Falcon Mail Automation Series

Scans an unmatched range of document types in different shapes, sizes and materials, at speed.

FalconV provides an innovative one-step scanning process with the performance of a high-capacity production scanner with its multi-functional and operator friendly document scanning workstation.

FalconV RED, additionally allows operators to open, prep, and scan the contents of envelopes all on a single platform, and at significantly faster rates than can be achieved using a multi-step process.

HPI-72C High Speed Cutter

The most flexible, high speed cutter to master high page count productivity

The HPI-72C is a high speed cutter that delivers increased throughput, productivity and mailpiece integrity for the high page count applications. It fuses patented designs with servo technology to process up to 72,000 sheets per hour - one of the industry's highest paper processing speeds.

Pitney Bowes Mail System Outputs

Gain Competitive Advantage

Pitney Bowes offers a variety of output options to reduce postal rates, improve operator productivity and speed mail production or presentment. Our output selection lets you operate with total integrity and accuracy in both the transactional and direct mail high volume environments.

Twist-No-Twist Module

Drive your inserter performance

The Twist-no-Twist module eliminates print orientation challenges that typically limit the number and type of applications that run on an inserter. Now face-up or face-down, roll, cut sheet or continuous forms can be processed on one inserter platform with no need for costly print stream changes.

UW6 Unwinder Input Solution

Drive your inserter performance

The UW6 Unwinder is the perfect complement to our range of High Productivity and Advanced Productivity Inputs. Only this roll input solution is specifically integrated with Direct Connect to improve productivity, job quality and provide operators with a single point interface for easy operation.

Pitney Bowes Traying System

Outputting envelopes into Postal Trays

The Pitney Bowes Traying System is a robust and proven solution across multiple inserting platforms. The filled envelopes are automatically stacked, compressed and transported into trays and the supply of empty trays is automated using a tray magazine.

Why Pitney Bowes?

90 plus years of innovation

As the inventors of the first commercially available postage meter, we have 90 plus years of experience delivering innovations that help clients navigate this complex and always evolving world of commerce.


Over 1.5 million

That's how many small businesses across the world we help communicate to their clients, fufil orders while enhancing productivity, improving mail delivery and optimizing postage spend.    

Trusted partner

We help you collect, track, process and use data to market to the best customers and expose them with communication that works.


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