SendPro™ C

Today, small businesses need to operate as efficiently as possible. The SendPro C postage meter is reliable and easy to use, allowing you to process mail in record time. You can be confident your business is paying the correct postage on every letter and parcel.

The SendPro allows you to:

  • Process mail at up to 65 letters per minute, print postage quickly, and accuratley weigh small parcels.
  • Efficiently manage mailings and save on postage from your device.
  • User friendly experience with the new integrated touch screen.

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Ways SendPro C can help you

Weigh Packages

Weigh packages

The built-in scale accurately weighs all of your mailings – from postcards to packages – so you get the right postage every time.

Print Postage

Print postage

Print accurate postage on envelopes or labels and refill postage digitally in seconds.

Simple Touchscreen

Simple touchscreen

Simple, colour touchscreen display helps you easily select the correct postage rate of every letter and package you send.

Save Money

Save money

Save up to 5.9%* on your everyday mailing.


Top SendPro C features

Notable SendPro C features

*Terms and conditions apply. Contact us for details.

Easy to use: 
The colour touchscreen display helps you make the ideal choice for your postage needs. It's digitally connected to kee you up to date with postal rates. Plus, it's designed for low maintenance and easy learning.

Save money and time: Accurately weigh your mail and packages to calculate the correct postage amount. Save up to 5.9%* on your every day mailing with SendPro C. 

Fast and efficient: Process envelopes up to 65 letters per minute. Plus, the built-in envelope sealer helps you speed through your mail.

SendPro™ C Specifications

User display

Colour touchscreen

Envelope processing

Up to 65 letters per minutes; Semi-automatic feeding

Envelope moistener


Integrated scale:

Up to 5 kgs

Electrical rating

100 - 240 VAC


Length (with drop stacker): 950mm, Height: 280mm, Width: 309mm

Envelope sizes

Up to 9mm thickness, Envelope Min: 89 x 127mm, Envelope Max: 330 x 380mm

Pre-loaded apps



Australia Post


LAN (wired) or Wi-Fi (wireless)

Included services


Basic accounting

Activated upon request. Up to 25 accounts

Basic analytics

High-level analytics

Optional add-on features


Premium accounting

Up to 500 accounts

External USB connected scale

12, and 35 kg

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