Consolidate data from multiple systems and make it actionable information.

MeterNet XE™

MeterNet XE is a PC-based information postage accounting system that links multiple mailing and shipping systems, at multiple sites and summarizes raw mailing and shipping data in formats you can use to manage your mailing activities. 

Get the Overview and the Detail to Manage Your Operation Effectively
Meternet XE makes it easy to manage your mailing and shipping operations with high levels of productivity. Now you can control internal mailing budgets report expenses for external clients and even run your operation as a profit center.

Get Tight Control Over Costs
Meternet XE gives you the information you need to control the use of high-cost services and special fees and to get maximum postal and carrier discounts.  Track expenses by carrier class and fees, monitor total usage by carrier track and allocate all mailing and shipping expenses.

From Raw Data to Actionable Information – Instantly
Meternet XE takes raw data from each mailing and shipping system across your network and summarizes it in formats you can use. These reports are your tools for solid decision-making.  View all account activity including performance against set budgets.  Monitor operator performance as well as track carrier class and fees.

Bring Your Enterprise Together
Meternet XE can be configured for both local and enterprise-wide data collection and consolidation.  With the exclusive Connect+ Mailing Systems there are no additional hardware or data collection devices. 


  • Manage accounts across the enterprise.
  • Monitor and consolidate data from multiple systems at multiple sites.
  • Track postal and shipping costs in real-time for an unlimited number of accounts.
  • Use data management tools to analyse expenditures and highlight potential cost reductions.
  • Increase productivity and eliminate human error by eliminating manual reconciliation of costs by account.
  • Access data to connect to back office financial systems.


The functional elements include:

Host Workstation – The central system necessary for managing the operations including consolidation of data from local or remote sites administrative and reporting functions.

Remote Site Workstation – A special version of the Host Workstation that enables you to form a network of host solutions to consolidate data from across the enterprise.

Administrative or Reporting Workstations – PC solutions that provide managers additional access to the collected data without interrupting the Host Workstation.

Optional Peripherals:
Barcode Scanner
Laser Report Printer
Monitor Stand
Crystal Reports Software