SendSuite Tracking Online

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SendSuite® Tracking Online

Throw away your paper-based processes, your clipboards, and your pens. Delete your Excel spreadsheets. You don’t need them anymore. SendSuite Tracking Online is a package receiving and tracking cloud-based solution designed to provide accurate status and chain of custody of your inbound packages. With our innovative package tracking software, time-wasting searches are eliminated.

SendSuite Tracking Online

It’s ideal for the hospital environment where it can help you:

  • Track parcels that require monitoring because they are time sensitive, temperature controlled, valuable, confidential or regulated.
  • Achieve faster package delivery that saves time and money.
  • Remove the need to manually record receipt of packages.
  • Provide accurate status and chain of custody for inbound packages to improve service delivery by answering queries in seconds, not minutes or hours.
  • Optimise productivity by setting up daily deliveries by department or ward according to how busy they are and how urgent the package is.
  • Email recipients automatically so they can prepare for delivery.
  • Report on activity for increased efficiency.
  • Automate package tracking within your organisation. This reduces misplaced items and increases productivity.
  • Lower IT and hardware costs. Everything is operated from a hand-held scanner and web-hosted software.
  • Unburden your front-office staff. Now, they can spend less time handling the mail to concentrate on other responsibilities.

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