FAQ – Shippit® integration with SendPro™+

What are the changes from the integration with Shippit?

SendPro+ now comes with Shippit, bringing multi-carrier options to customers. Through Shippit you get access to 4 new carriers: TNT, CouriersPlease, Fastway and Allied Express.

You’ll be able to compare shipping rates and delivery times between these carriers, including overnight shipping and express delivery services, to choose the option that fits your needs.

There is no need to subscribe to each of the different carriers or to Shippit. The integration simply gives you the option to use the service that best suits your needs.  

Which couriers can I use with Shippit?

With Shippit, you have access to five new carriers.

  • Fastway 
  • CouriersPlease 
  • TNT
  • AlliedExpress 

What benefits do I get from using Shippit?

One account gives you access to four market leading carriers on your SendPro+ including TNT, CouriersPlease, Fastway and Allied Express Couriers. You can easily compare shipping rates and delivery times to choose the option that fits your needs. And, you get access to exclusive discounted parcel sending rates.

What do I need to do to add Shippit on my SendPro+?

You don’t need to take any action. All SendPro+ devices will be automatically updated with the Shippit app

What do I need to do to activate Shippit?

First create a Shippit account, which you can do here: https://au-web.shipping.pitneycloud.com/#/dashboard.

  • You will be receiving further information from Pitney Bowes to update your billing details.
  • Once your billing details are updated, on your SendPro+ you can log into your Shippit account to start using the multi-carrier solution.

What changes will I see on my SendPro+?

You will see Shippit added to your SendPro+ dashboard alongside Sendle.

I already use Sendle, should I switch?

With the addition of Shippit, the choice is yours. You are now able to compare rates and delivery times across these five carriers and choose what’s best for you.

Can I use both Sendle and Shippit? Can I compare pricing/delivery times across the two?

Yes, you can use both Sendle and Shippit and you can compare pricing / delivery times across the six carriers.

How does Shippit work?

On the screen of your SendPro+, when you choose Shippit, you will see all Shippit enabled carriers. Select the courier service in the rate shopping flow which suits your shipping needs. Once you have made your choice, the chosen carrier will come to collect your parcels – just like any other courier service. All you need to do is print and attach a label from your SendPro+ device.