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Communication Management Software

Correspondence applications are notoriously difficult to manage, yet our communication management software provides a one-stop interactive solution to all your correspondence needs. Save time, money and improve your company's customer service reputation by exploring the benefits our communication management software has to offer your business.

Listening to your customers' needs and delivering communication via their preferred medium is an important part of building strong customer relationships. Attention to detail in all forms of correspondence is also essential to creating a positive brand reputation. Our communication management software makes all this possible.

Discover EngageOne™ Interactive software

EngageOneTM Interactive is our state of the art communication management software solution to answer all your business's correspondence needs. Create, deliver and manage all of your business correspondence and communications from one user-friendly place. Our flexible communication management software allows you to:

  • Generate new business applications
  • Personalise customer interactions
  • Speed up communications
  • Increase control of communications
  • Standardise branding and style

Improving customer satisfaction and lowering costs is made easy with our communication management software, which delivers accurate communications fast.

Communication management software can revolutionise your business

Communication management software is a powerful, effective tool for any business.

Our software helps you to -

  • Save time
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve customer service

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Key Features of our Communication Management Software

With a range of excellent features designed to help you create, manage and deliver all your business correspondence, EngageOne™ Interactive is the perfect communication management software solution.

Easy to use, deploy and integrate

Our communication management software features a scalable architecture that makes creating and managing interactive content extraordinarily easy, simple to deploy and a breeze to integrate.

EngageOne™ Interactive consists of four components:

  • EngageOne Template Designer - defines document templates, optional content objects, interactive data prompts and content protection.
  • EngageOne Interactive Correspondent - provides you with a web-based interface where you can create and modify personalised documents and distribute to various delivery channels.
  • EngageOne Administrator - manages template organisation and workflows, delivery channels (including batch jobs), and general system administration.
  • EngageOne Server - provides a full complement of web services to access the features from a front-end business system.

Simple, interactive communications creation

Our EngageOne™ Interactive communication management software features a web-based WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) document editor, so you can create communications in the context of the document itself.

You'll be prompted to complete relevant information, which will be instantly populated, so you don't need to go to other locations. Thanks to our software's interactive editor, you'll also be able to see the document exactly as it will be printed, so you can make sure that it's high-quality.

Built-in workflow and collaboration

With our communication management software, you can streamline document creation using built-in template management, workflow and approval mechanisms, customer delivery preference and interactive collaboration.

You'll also receive important metrics and analytics to monitor and track template usage throughout your organisation.

Standardised branding and compliance capabilities

EngageOne™ Interactive's pre-defined templates include branding elements such as fonts, colours, logos and layouts, enabling you to maintain your company's corporate identity.

Our communication management software further enforces consistent branding by storing templates in a centralised shared repository.

Multichannel delivery and batch processing

Choose EngageOne™ Interactive, and you can deliver communications in real-time through your customer's preferred channel - e-mail, SMS, fax or print. Documents can also be queued up for batch processing, reducing your printing production costs and enabling you to take advantage of bulk postal savings.

Web services for easy integration and scalable infrastructure

Our communication management software is web-based, allowing for tight integration into your existing front-end business systems, such as CRM, Claims, BPM or other application services.

Its J2EE architecture provides you with commercial grade scalability and superb performance, thanks to its ability to support thousands of concurrent users and requests.

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