Managed Services

Leave systems management to us.

Leave process and systems management to us. With unmatched product expertise, and a deep understanding of technology, data, and business needs, we’ll help you discover improved security, efficiency and value.  

Managed Services for CE | Pitney Bowes

Enhance your competitive advantage when you adopt Pitney Bowes Managed Services.

Avoid the overhead.

Trust in Pitney Bowes for comprehensive Managed Services that deliver high systems availability and performance, efficient upgrades, regulatory compliance and exemplary data management.

Rely on the experts.

Profit from a specialised methodology that speeds time to market. Smooth your way to a rapid return on your Pitney Bowes technology investments. You’ll enjoy a single point of contact. Scalable and certified, our dedicated support team helps to maximise uptime and systems performance.

Enhance your advantage.

We’ll help you optimise, evolve and extend systems across your enterprise. Provide your clients with better service. And get you to market faster with new technologies that make a difference. You can also rest easy: We bring a proven track record of success in data backup, disaster recovery, network monitoring, and security to every engagement.

Deploy according to your needs.

Available on-premises, off-premises or in the cloud, Pitney Bowes Managed Services are designed with flexibility in mind. Our cost structure is flexible as well. It’s also easy to integrate Pitney Bowes Managed Services and Support Services for seamless support for implementation and beyond.

Gain the expertise you require.

Application development

Augment or extend in-house capabilities, so you can develop at the pace as your business requires.

Application support

Access ongoing support by the experts who designed and implemented your Pitney Bowes services.

Targeted consulting

Rely on our team for problem resolution, system review, data quality checks training and mentoring.

Backup and infill services

Tap into additional resources to maintain quality even at peak times.

Data management

From issue identification to corrective actions, we can help you improve the quality of your data.