Expand your expertise.

Add to the savings and efficiencies you gain from your Pitney Bowes software. Count on our experts to help you identify your best opportunities, optimise infrastructure and streamline integrations.  

Focus on a range of spatial and location intelligence applications. Liaise, leverage and learn in a comprehensive interactive environment. Whether you are new to our solutions, an intermediate or advanced user, there is a course that will suit your business needs.

Our beginning, intermediate and refresher courses are available a variety of ways through a variety of channels, so you can choose the best option for your organisation. 

Training for CE | Pitney Bowes

Select the format that fits you best.

Instructor-led training

Face-to-face classroom training in most major cities. Small class sizes allow ample time for questions, demonstrations and peer discussions. 

Online training

All the benefits of face-to-face classroom training combined with the convenience and cost-savings of online delivery. Classes are held in real-time in an interactive environment and offer the same information that is taught in our face-to-face class.

Onsite training

Ideal for very specific needs that extend beyond the coverage of our standard course offerings or have a large number of users who require the same instruction.