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Pitney Bowes Spectrum Data Quality Connector for SAP

by Himanshu Verma, Technical Product Manager, Pitney Bowes

You have made a commitment to more profitable relationships – now it’s time to ensure your SAP investment delivers the maximum return.

We are in the ‘Age of Customer’. It’s a time that demands all the information pertaining to a customer from various channels to be collated into a single view or system. Such information can help in obtaining contextual information about a customer, enabling organizations to take informed actions to retain them and offer specific sales and service engagements.

CRM systems are often termed as ‘System of Records’, since they are connected to other logical systems in an enterprise landscape and operate as a single datastore. However, this data could be inconsistent, inaccurate and duplicate since data is traversing multiple systems. Bad data hinders a CRM system to transform from a ‘System of Records’ into ‘Single Source of Truth’.

Pitney Bowes offers Data quality and integration capabilities that play an important role in enabling a CRM system to become a ‘Single Source of Truth’. In fact, Pitney Bowes offer integrated connectors to most prevalent CRM systems such as SAP, Siebel, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM and more.  

SAP AG has certified Pitney Bowes Spectrum Data Quality Connector for SAP S/4 HANA On-premise, which is a next-generation ERP Business suite. The connector is already certified for Postal Validation (BAS-PV) and Duplicate and Error-tolerant Search (BAS-DES) for SAP ECC & CRM versions.

SAP AG’s certification confirms that the Pitney Bowes solution meets all the requirements of an address validation software and complex data quality challenge with proper SAP integration.

Pitney Bowes Spectrum Data Quality Connector for SAP has maintained SAP AG certification since its launch over 10 years ago. Pitney Bowes Spectrum Data Quality Connector has always been highly rated by SAP AG for its high quality, excellent performance and seamless integration with SAP ERP & SAP CRM solutions.

Pitney Bowes Spectrum Data Quality Connector for SAP enables users to:

  • Seamlessly verify and correct worldwide address data, tells whether the address is deliverable or not and whether the address falls under a business or residential area.
  • Enrich address data with location geo-coordinate and tax jurisdiction codes.
  • Identify duplicate records leveraging configurable fuzzy algorithms.
  • Refer address master based data quality report, which include original address provided by the user, validated address and reason of the failure if address validation fails.

Pitney Bowes Spectrum Data Quality Connector for SAP is built-on principles of a Service-Oriented Architecture, which is scalable and performance-oriented for use in high volume transactional environment. Our integration allows users to tune and configure rules without making code changes or re-compiling and re-linking applications.

The Connector is built under a protected namespace, which prevents name conflicts like those in the unprotected namespace and leverages the SAP standard technology BAdI (Business Add-In) as of Release ECC 6.0 and CRM 7.0 Business Address Services (BAS).

Pitney Bowes Spectrum Data Quality Connector also supports SAP Interaction Center WebClient (ICWC), which is a thin-client to SAP CRM system. Apart from the Data Quality Connectors, Pitney Bowes also offers Data Integration Connectors that help you read/write data from/to SAP systems. These Connectors leverage OData services to integrate with SAP systems.

To learn more about the Pitney Bowes Spectrum Data Quality Connector for SAP  view the solution in action - Follow this link

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