Data Profiling

Reveal your data’s true potential.

Gain the accurate, detailed understanding you need to efficiently optimize your data. Now you can uncover key issues and prioritize data quality improvements.  A combination of automated statistical analytics and powerful hands-on tools help you set the stage for more effective data management enterprise-wide.

Data Profiling

Add efficiency to your profiling.

Increase productivity.

Streamline data profiling with workflow automation that can reduce analysis time by as much as 90 percent

Simplify analysis.

Quickly drill down into important details with hands-on profiling tools. 

Pinpoint issues.

Apply advanced statistical methods to reveal critical areas for data quality and integrity improvements. 

Reduce risk.

Automatically highlight outliers and errors to help focus your data-quality efforts and keep them on track.  

Features and Capabilities

Gain a deep statistical understanding of your data.

A robust computational approach reveals the type and quality of data across your organization:

  • Discrepancies 
  • Integrity issues
  • Quality-related issues
  • Specific areas for improvement

Drill-down to the details.

Hands-on tools provide you access to:

  • Data uniqueness and duplication
  • Outlier analyses 
  • Table relationships
  • Columns dependencies
  • Field characteristics 
  • Data frequencies
  • Numeric clusters
  • Character distribution
  • And more

Reduce manual intervention.

Automate the process of ongoing data profiling, using data-quality rules you establish to produce key reports:

  • Metadata
  • Data profiles
  • Outliers 
  • Errors
  • IDs
  • Details such as schema, tables, columns, domains and files comparisons 

Add value to every data project.

Data profiling is essential to all your information-management actions:

  • Data quality
  • Data integration
  • Data enrichment
  • Master data management

Ideas & Insight