Spectrum® Metadata Insights

Unlock the value in your data assets. Discover, enrich and optimize across the data lifecycle.

Spectrum Metadata Insights helps bring out the best in your data resources. It builds a comprehensive data glossary for your business, accelerates data discovery and prioritizes data-quality improvements.

Data that resides unconnected across your organization is not living up to its potential. With the right metadata approach, you can increase insight, improve agility and bring new value to critical business processes enterprise-wide. Achieve effective data governance, streamline compliance and connect, enrich and democratize your data.

Metadata Insights

Know your data. Improve your outcomes.

Facilitate collaboration.

Understand and manage complex data relationships with greater clarity and efficiency.

Increase transparency.

We make it simple to search, locate and tag data for quick access and collaboration.

Accelerate insight.

Logical modeling helps to create the business views of data you need.

Metadata insights made simple. One solution with six essential comprehensive capabilities.

Other solutions provide only pieces of the metadata puzzle. Spectrum Metadata Insights puts it all together for you, providing the foundation you need to drive value across your organization.

Business glossary

Gain a clear understanding of core concepts and data definitions enterprise-wide. Spectrum Metadata Insights establishes a robust glossary of all your data assets. Efficient to deploy and designed for ease of management, it sets the foundation for effective data governance. It applies semantic management and enables more effective mapping, models, lineage and impact analysis.


Represent your data the way your business wants to see it. Built-in suggestion capabilities accelerate mapping of logical to physical models. Data federation adds to your agility. Now you can model and visualize complex data relationships for more effective planning and governance.

Data Federation

Working with federated views of your information removes the risk and effort of physically moving data. Data federation functionality built into Spectrum Metadata Insights allows you to create an abstracted virtual data source. It connects to your data where it lives, so you can efficiently gain a unified view.

Data Discovery

Searching all enterprise information assets, running semantic classification and classifying personally identifiable information (PII), Spectrum Metadata Insights performs the data discovery you need to access a complete picture of enterprise metadata. Familiar Google-like functionality makes it easy to search, discover and understand data relationships. Features including “tag” and “suggestive filtering” facilitate collaboration and streamline data insight.

Data Profiling

Determine whether your data is fit for use. With Spectrum Metadata Insights you can directly profile files, physical datastores and logical models. Home in on measures including completeness, uniqueness, patterns, outliers and more. Comment and collaborate. Metadata Insights also offers suggestive actions for data improvement.

Lineage Impact Analysis

Investigate the lineage of any data assets, across the data lifecycle. See linkages to external data sources and targets. Gain insight into data structure and flow of data across the enterprise. Trace data usage and assess the impact of system changes. With Spectrum Metadata Insights, you’ll be able to diagnose problems faster and understand lineage end-to-end.