Sagent Data Flow

Access, connect, integrate and analyze data from a wide array of applications, databases and data files.

Sagent Data Flow addresses the two most-daunting parts of achieving sound reports - accessing data from various sources and manipulating it to create meaningful reports.

Achieve easier migration between environments

Point your plan to the desired environment eliminating the need to create multiple plans.

Strong look-up performance and functionality

Widely utilised transforms is the "key look-up" for greater productivity and ease of use.

Updated transforms for greater efficiency

New transforms designed at the request of our user community.

Automatic documentation of flow

Documentation completes automatically and generates an HTML file.


Sagent Data Flow is a flexible integration engine that collates data from disparate sources and provides a comprehensive set of data transformation tools to enhance its business value.

This solution allows for analyzing information and creating meaningful reports to aid the understanding of your business. Sagent Data Flow provides customer profiling, data warehousing ETL and business intelligence - leveraging real data to make smarter decisions.

Render data visually

The solution incorporates a visual development environment that helps to speed up and simplify the creation of sophisticated data transformations to support both business and technical users. The user interface reduces the learning curve as end users can master solutions more quickly than other Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Supports many data formats for greater efficiency

Available modules include Mainframe AS/400 and R/3(SAP) and also handles all major RDBM systems such as Oracle IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server as well as most major text-based data formats including XML. This ability to read data in its native format eliminates the time-consuming and expensive task of writing custom extract programs. 

64-bit for faster processing

64-bit processing power achieves required performance and greater scalability. It also supports a high number of concurrent users, provides fast processing and handles larger data loads.

Key Features

Access transform and analyze data faster with Sagent

Users can access, connect, integrate and analyze data from a wide array of applications databases and data files. It can also quickly incorporate any combination of these data sources into a single process where other systems require you to perform join functions within the database.

Reusable sub-component support

Increase your productivity by reusing developed modules as you would a subroutine - a very user-friendly feature for developers and business analysts. Common functionality used in different places can be developed, maintained and managed centrally to reduce redundancies that waste time and allow for error.

Unicode support

Global enterprises that need to view data from around the world will find Sagent Data Flow’s Unicode support a huge benefit. Unicode enables all international character sets means that no matter where the work is done it can be collected and stored from around the globe.

Strong look-up performance and functionality

Perhaps the most widely utilised Sagent Data Flow transforms is the "key look-up" enhanced for greater productivity and ease of use. You can return multiple columns in one transform simplifying your plan. The solution includes comparison operators which greatly reduce the number of manual modifications. And the memory and caching of the key look-up has been reconfigured for stronger performance.

Updated transforms for greater efficiency

New releases include new transforms designed specifically at the request of our user community. These transforms enhance productivity and speed up the development process dramatically.

Automatic documentation of flow

Eliminate the burden of documentation for development while enhancing the quality of the development process altogether, the documentation completes automatically and generates an HTML file.

Track plan changes

So how did we get to this point? Every data analyst knows meticulous recording of plan changes is required for accountability. Sagent Data Flow now documents this automatically so you can focus on moving the plan forward increasing efficiency and productivity.