Customer Information Management

Data Quality

What is Data Quality?

The six key considerations of data quality are completeness, conformity, consistency, duplicates, integrity, and accuracy. Quality data achieves acceptable levels across all of these considerations. Ideal data quality initiatives encompass the whole of the enterprise.

How you benefit:

Gains include revenue improvements that result from more effective programmes and higher response rates. They also often include indirect benefits with substantial value: resulting process efficiencies and improved compliance, for example, can both translate into substantial indirect savings.

Capabilities include data profiling, standardisation and normalisation of data, advanced data matching and consolidation, data enrichment with reference data, monitoring trends and KPIs.

Correct addressing equals happy customers.

Gain better insight to optimize data assets

Consolidate data records to improve communications

Standardise data for a uniform customer experience

Standardise and automate your data quality operation

Improve accuracy in real-time and batch processing

Ensure CRM and ERP applications deliver Data you can Trust.

Manage and verify address data to reduce undeliverable mail and improve operational efficiencies.