Correct addressing equals happy customers.

Code-1 Plus®

Reduce costs, increase response rates and boost customer satisfaction with a powerful CASS Certified™ address quality solution.

Address Data Solutions

Boost your postal savings by standardizing customer data with address data solutions delivered by our Code-1 Plus software. Our address data software keeps customers happy with accurate, on-time delivery of communications.

Code-1 Plus validates, corrects and standardizes customer address data. The technology is CASS Certified by the USPS and used by more than 1,600 companies. Its address data solutions help you provide accurate, on-time delivery of correspondence, goods and services, and minimize costs of undelivered mail.

Whether you need batch processing, real-time address verification, or integration with third-party applications, Code-1 Plus is a powerful, flexible solution for address quality and mailing efficiency.

Improve mailing efficiency and enhance communications

Our address data solutions capture accurate addresses in real-time or batch processing, and standardize customer address to:

  • Obtain maximum postal savings from USPS
  • Ensure communications reach customers on time
  • Increase response rates from marketing campaigns
  • Code addresses identically across all platforms

Harness powerful address data capabilities

Code-1 Plus standardizes mailing addresses by:

  • Adding missing address information
  • Standardizing city names and state abbreviations
  • Correcting misspelled address elements
  • Appending ZIP + 4, carrier route, line of travel and county information

Code-1 Plus can optionally append:

  • Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Codes
  • Latitude/Longitude

Key features of our address data solutions software

Our Code-1 Plus software is the perfect option for anyone looking for address data solutions, thanks to its outstanding features.

Advanced address coding features

Code-1 Plus validates, corrects, and standardizes customer address data. Fully certified by the USPS, it provides a reliable, efficient and affordable way to reduce postage costs. Achieve accurate address lists and demographic information, efficient mailroom operations and improved delivery results with Code-1 Plus address data solutions.

Track address conversion with LACSLink

Our address data software accesses the USPS LACSLink database to determine if address conversion is required. Code-1 Plus returns any converted address in a standardized, clean format. Using LACSLink, you will ensure address accuracy for improved mail delivery.

Auxiliary file processing

USPS adds more than 1.5 million new delivery points every year. Used on its own or in conjunction with a subscription, the USPS Early Warning System, Auxiliary File Processing lets users avoid miscoding records. Auxiliary File Processing supports multiple supplementary data files, allowing users to handle unique addressing conditions in an automated environment with no impact on data quality. 

Delivery Point Validation (DPV)

Data DPV reduces undeliverable mail resulting from inaccurate address data for significant savings in production, postage and labour costs. DPV data validates the accuracy of address data to the physical delivery point.

By incorporating DPV data into the matching process, Code-1 Plus can determine whether the address exists - down to the finest delivery point. Only available through licensed CASS vendors, DPV data updates monthly and consists of nearly 150 million addresses delivered.

Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI)

Access the USPS Residential Delivery Indicator file through Code-1 Plus to determine whether an address is a residential or business delivery point. This helps you find the best cost for shipping packages. The RDI file can be purchased directly from the USPS and incorporated into Code-1 Plus on a monthly basis.

Real-time address accuracy for web and call centres

If you're gathering address data over the web, you'll need address data solutions in real time. Group 1 provides unparalleled flexibility by integrating this technology into your operations. Code-1 Plus supports Java, COM, VB, C++ and .NET interfaces and is available for Web-based or local Client Server applications.

Easy-to-use interface and set-up

The Code-1 Plus interface offers users end-to-end control over all direct marketing and data quality processes, from job set-up and processing to results analysis. With address data software, users can manage jobs ranging from single applications to those incorporating multiple Pitney Bowes Business Insight solutions as well as third-party technologies. For enhanced ease-of-use, we offer wizards and online help.

Broad platform and operating system support

With support for Unix and Windows, Code-1 Plus can be integrated easily into accounting, Internet or order entry systems with APIs for Java, COM, VB, C++ and .NET. Code-1 Plus address data feeds into leading customer relationship management (CRM) systems, including Siebel and SAP. Our data software also supports DEC, iSeries and IBM Mainframe platforms and more.

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