Ensure CRM and ERP applications deliver Data you can Trust.

Spectrum Data Quality Connectors

Successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations depend on high quality data.  Integrating data quality at the point of entry, or as part of a batch process gives all users access to accurate and trusted data for better decision making and operational efficiency.

As CRM applications role out across an organization, users ultimately judge the value of the applications by the quality of the information made available. For this reason it is essential that data within CRM systems is accurate and trusted.

Spectrum provides the tools you need to ensure the customer information within your CRM is accurate, and most importantly, is data you can trust.

With its dedicated Data Quality Connectors for the leading CRM and ERP applications, Spectrum can validate and cleanse data in real time at the point of entry, or as part of a routine batch data improvement process

Data Quality Connectors:

  • Enables automatic or manual merging of duplicate records including an intelligent merge option that automatically carries forward previously entered information.
  • Enables users to seamlessly verify and correct worldwide address data. This data spans both postal and non-postal data sources to deliver more accurate and complete information.
  • Along with Address Validation, the Connector also enriches the address by providing Geocodes, and tells you whether the address is Deliverable or not.
  • Offers a rich set of configurable options through an easy-to-use graphical user interface.
  • Provides all data quality functions in interactive and batch mode.
  • Displays return codes to denote the status of the data quality operations within a record.

Real time data quality that is fully integrated with your business processes prevents bad data from proliferating throughout your organization.

Maximize the return on your SAP investment by adding integrated data quality.

The Spectrum Data Quality Connector helps users verify customer location information. With built in reference data sets of postal and non-postal sources, addresses are instantly validated for accuracy at the point of entry.

Information can also be enriched with geocodes for the highest levels of quality, and instant awareness of whether the address Deliverable.

When used as part of a batch Data Quality routine, duplicate records can be identified and consolidated reducing the confusion of multiple records for the same customer account.

Fully NetWeaver-certified, it is built on the industry leading Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that integrates easily into your existing technologies. Users enjoy an interface that looks exactly like their existing SAP environment.

  • Reduces operational costs
  • Speeds the ROI of your SAP investment
  • Corrects addresses for more than 240 countries worldwide
  • Eliminates manual duplication resolution