Spectrum® Screener

Increase accuracy and efficiency with built-in entity resolution.

Spectrum Screener is a modular screening solution improves the quality of your data before the matching starts. With better inputs, you’ll gain more exact matches and reduce events. Integrated post-processing helps prioritise and streamline investigative activity. Fully auditable matching streamlines and accelerates compliance.

With its powerful screening engine and advanced tools for triage and investigative visualisation, you’ll avoid false negatives, reduce false positives, and resolve alerts faster.

Five modules. 

One powerful solution.

Financial institutions asked Pitney Bowes to incorporate our industry-leading data quality capabilities into a screening engine.  Spectrum Screener delivers this and more.


 Spectrum® Screener



Start with better inputs

Entity Resolution Module


Reconcile customer data across any system, source or format.

  • Normalise and standardise names and addresses.
  • Account for name variants, gender and cultural differences.
  • Enrich missing, misfielded or incorrect country codes.
  • Enrich customer profiles.
  • Produce a streamlined view for screening.

List Management Module

Reduce duplication and increase list quality.

  • Automate list importing and archiving processes.
  • Aggregate list entries from multiple data vendors.
  • Enable global or, local, centralised and or distributed administration.
  • Apply robust entity resolution across internal and external lists.
  • Automatically assign unique identifiers (GUIDs) for efficient identification and matching.
  • Produce a fully auditable, streamlined list for matching.

Screen seamlessly

Screening Module


Benefit from a fully-integrated matching engine.

  • Custom-configure exact, fuzzy and attribute-approximation matching.
  • Match parties (customers, counterparties, employees, vendors, and more) with list members and negative media candidates.
  • Generate clear, easily accessible data lineage and audit trail.
  • Transparently provide alert context to investigators.

Streamline post-processing and event resolution

Triage Module


Consolidate, auto-close and prioritise alerts.

  • Introduce new efficiencies prior to case management.
  • Automate closure and audit history of common alerts according to your rules.
  • Apply artificial intelligence and machine learning for continuous improvement.
  • Test and refine automated and manual alert thresholds.

Investigations and Visualisation Module


Give investigators the tools they need for more efficient compliance.

  • User-friendly visualisation capabilities let them:

o   Visualise and edit party records.

o   Trace and document exactly how matches were made.

o   Communicate more effectively with regulators.

o   Provide feedback to KYC systems and processes.

o   Automatically launch reporting and exception processes.


Spectrum Screener: Next-gen sanctions screening and watch list filtering. Achieve more efficient compliance when you improve screening inputs, matches and outputs.

Image depicting "Agile technology"

Agile technology approach

Enables rapid adjustments for regulatory shifts, list updates and changes to data sources.

Image depicting "Global expertise"

Global expertise

Built-in to deliver superior entity resolution and matching across countries and cultures.

Image depicting "Accelerate savings"

Robust screening

Handling lists of any type and format.

Image depicting "Complete auditability".

Complete auditability

Achieved as each automated or manual action is captured and made reportable.

Pitney Bowes Executive Summary - Streamline sanctions screening and watch-list filtering

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