Spectrum® Entity Resolution for Transaction Monitoring

Find, fix, link and visualise. Resolve entities using data that’s accurate, actionable and fit for use.

As a worldwide leader in name and address management, Pitney Bowes makes it easy to validate customer data automatically. Using proven algorithms and global reference data, we integrate, standardise and normalise information. We see when multiple accounts are owned by the same party or entity, and help you make connections that others miss.

  • Resolve Entities Pre-TMS:  Link parties and transactions to get from many instances of an entity to a single Global User ID (GUID) that acts as a reference for all activities and relationships.
  • Resolve Entities Post TMS: Consolidate alerts for further reduction of false positives
  • Post TMS Triage and Prioritisation: Prioritise alerts for investigation based on risk profile
  • Investigative Visualisation: Provides investigators the tools to understand why alerts were generated and relevant relationships and data for due diligence reviews.

We help you make connections that others miss.

Image depicting "target"


Identify and integrate all required data sources, both internal and external

Image depicting "Fix"


Resolve data discrepancies, inconsistencies, and errors

Image depicting "Link"


Connect all relevant party information into a single GUID

Image depicting "Visualize".


Leverage the graph database to view relationships and generate insights