Location Intelligence

Creating, analysing and sharing spatial information

MapInfo Pro™ software helps GfK delineate geographic boundaries.

Client Profile

Market research company

Operates in more than 100 countries

Analyses big data to provide clients with gobal insight and local market intelligence

Business goals

Improve mapping capabilities

Provide clients with accurate information on precise geographic boundaries

Help customers use this information to improve decision making


Better delineation of geographic boundaries

Improved information for customers

Technology used

MapInfo® Pro

Award-winning desktop mapping and spatial analytics software, carefully crafted and enhanced in collaboration with users like you.

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"We develop postal code data and boundaries for clients all over the world. MapInfo Pro software is the best tool for helping us draw those boundaries." Klaus Dittman
Head of Cartography

GfK specialises in providing business clients across the globe with the analytical insight needed to better understand market drivers. It accomplishes this through geomarketing solutions and other offerings. As part of this work, it has developed the world’s largest collection of digital, vector-based maps of postcode and administrative boundaries.


Business needs

GfK clients operate in a variety of industries that depend on accurate boundary information. Insurance companies, for example, need the most accurate geographic data possible to model risk by area. Retail clients need this information to determine where to open new stores. GfK needed precise mapping capabilities to draw these types of boundaries for its clients.



To satisfy client needs for definitive boundary information, GfK uses the MapInfo Pro geographic information system (GIS). This powerful desktop application helps users create, analyse and share spatial information.

The most recent version of MapInfo Pro software improves over previous releases in several important ways. First, as a 64-bit programme, it is quicker and smoother running than 32-bit versions. Thanks to a new interface, the latest version of MapInfo Pro software is also easier to use. In addition, multilingual datasets improve data access. Raster grid analysis capabilities and mobile versions of the software are also available. 


"MapInfo Pro software is the best tool for helping us draw boundaries." Klaus Dittman
Head of Cartography

GfK, which has been using MapInfo Pro software for more than 20 years, recently upgraded to the latest version. GfK appreciates the software's new language datasets and improved raster analysis capabilities. However, company representatives list accuracy and ease of use as the primary benefits of the latest release.  

'We develop postal code data and boundaries for clients all over the world', said Klaus Dittmann, Head of Cartography for GfK. 'MapInfo Pro software is the best tool for helping us draw those boundaries. All necessary features are available and easy to use. Since we produce very detailed boundaries of the smallest administrative and postal areas, the software has to handle large amounts of data. Now, with the new 64-bit version, these processes can be executed much faster than before. And with the multi-language support we can use all areas' native names'.