Spectrum Spatial Analyst - Web GIS Application

Quickly gain location-based insights and easily communicate with your audience.

Spectrum Spatial Analyst is an out of the box web mapping application that is quick to implement, easy to use, and requires no custom development or lengthy training. Users can quickly view, share, query and understand critical business and location-based data – all within their favourite desktop browser or mobile device.


Generate value immediately.

Spectrum Spatial Analyst is ready to use and designed to deliver rapid ROI.

Accessibility across devices and platforms.

Deliver web mapping, mobile mapping, querying, and analytical capabilities to current desktop browsers and all popular mobile touch devices including iOS, Android and Windows.

Enriched customer experiences.

GIS & mapping and location-enabled services can be shared with customers and citizens via a browser-based interface that improves satisfaction, loyalty and facilitates self-service.

Collaboration support.

For better decision-making, business users can harness current, accurate and comprehensive Location Intelligence data across their organization.

Greater productivity.

Provide cost-effective access to Location Insights to all of the employees and executives who require them. This accelerates business performance and velocity.

Swift implementation and Integration.

Spectrum Spatial Analyst is an out of the box, browser-based web GIS application that installs in moments. Our JavaScript API’s offer straightforward customisation and seamless integration with existing applications (if required).

Reliability and scalability.

From global organisations to small startups and any organisation in between, Spectrum Spatial Analyst is designed for scalability. That means that you can easily accommodate more users as well as complex GIS and spatial data sets and imagery.


User or role-based access insures that your users have access only to the information that they have permissions for.


Rapidly share insights

  • Generate business insights through an easy-to-use web GIS application
  • Designed for occasional users or non-GIS experts

Reduce the burden on your GIS staff

  • Put the power back in the hands of your business analysts with critical GIS and spatial data information and spatial analysis capabilities

Scale to support your organisation in a flexible, efficient manner

  • Deploy powerful spatial capabilities at a lower cost and at a lower-risk
  • Extend the power of Location Intelligence, data, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and expertise of your GIS and mapping professionals across your organisation

Eliminate costly redundancies

  • Eliminate redundancy while improving both productivity and business performance by removing data silos

Streamline operations

  • Easily deploy and maintain solutions in line with changing business needs and requirements