Canada Green program

The Pitney Bowes Canada Green program is an initiative that provides environmental stewardship on three levels: first, we reduce waste through the Reuse of good used equipment by making it available to our customers at substantial savings. We do this by Remanufacturing and reconditioning our Digital Mailing Systems. When we determine one of our products or solutions has come to the end of its useful life, we are able to recycle nearly all of the components. We do this in partnership with one of Canada's premier electronics recyclers.

Pitney Bowes Canada is excited to demonstrate leadership in the area of responsible environmental stewardship with our Green program. Environmental stewardship has been part of our culture for quite a while. Today, we've extended our commitment to the environment by making recycling a way of life at each of our Pitney Bowes Canada offices. We also want to do business with others that share our commitment to the environment.

Reduce and Reuse:

There's more than one life to a quality Pitney Bowes Canada product.

When a product is built the Pitney Bowes way, there's still plenty of life left in it after one or two owners. We are able to recover reusable and valuable components from used Pitney Bowes Canada products from our suite of digital mailing systems. Next we test and certify the recovered components performance for quality measures, and then put them back into service in a newly remanufactured or reconditioned product or solution. We make these available to customers at significant savings.

Through our Reuse and Remanufacturing program our products provide many years of additional service. And because so much quality is built in to every Pitney Bowes product (whether the product is new, remanufactured or reconditioned), each one come with all the benefits of our service contract and our Satisfaction Guarantee.

We're proud to make these reliable "like new" products available to customers who are looking to contribute to resource reduction and to a greener environment.

Remanufacture and Recondition:

Quality products, rebuilt, tested, and back in business.

We take post-consumer Pitney Bowes Canada digital mailing systems and recycle their frames, we then remanufacture the product using new or reconditioned internal parts. These remanufactured products are fully reconditioned to new equipment specifications, and are vigorously tested to meet quality standards. All consumable items (such as ink) are replaced.


Today, nearly all components of each product that Pitney Bowes Canada markets and sells can be recycled.

Our responsibility goes beyond meeting the needs of the business world. It is also our duty to protect the natural world by managing the impact of our products throughout their life cycle. And disposing of electronic equipment often requires solutions that are just as innovative as the technology itself.

Pitney Bowes has partnered with one of Canada's premier electronics recyclers to help us to properly manage our products that have reached the end of their useful life.

We also offer our customers a way to properly return their empty postage meter ink cartridges. Once a cartridge is spent, the customer simply places it in a sealable bag and into a small box and sends it back to Pitney Bowes Canada for recycling. The customer uses a postage paid return label available online. It's fast and easy, and most of all, it's free to our customers!

Benefits of our Green program include:

   * All Pitney Bowes Canada products and solutions are properly managed throughout their life cycle.

   * Sensitive components such as electronics, printing indicia, and data-containing chips all undergo secure and complete destruction prior to materials recycling.

    * Reusable components are recovered and qualified for reuse in remanufactured and reconditioned products and solutions. This helps our customers save money and helps us to conserve valuable resources.

Reuse, Remanufacture, Recycle - the 3Rs.
Going Green with Pitney Bowes Canada.

When you choose a product from Pitney Bowes Canada, you are committing to a philosophy that looks beyond today to the environment of tomorrow. It's a choice that will help to preserve our environment, and that's something we can all feel good about.

For more information about our Green programs that Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, please call 1-800-672-6937.