Health and wellness

Providing a healthy work environment has been an important part of our culture at Pitney Bowes for nearly 100 years. In maintaining our commitment, we offer comprehensive benefit programmes to more than 13,000  employees worldwide.

Achieving physical, emotional and financial well-being

Our Project: Living website serves as the gateway to resources and programmes to help employees and their families at work and at home. With its ‘Plan for tomorrow, live for today’ theme, the website enables employees to connect with resources and services to support their physical, emotional and financial well-being. Topics covered range from health and wellness to benefits, financial planning and countless other aspects of a healthy life.

Free programmes and benefit offerings are available year-round in a variety of regions and locations with a focus on:

  • Preventive care and cancer screenings
  • Nutrition, fitness and weight management
  • Resiliency, stress and mental health
  • Financial planning and savings
  • Smoking cessation
  • Back pain prevention
  • Flu vaccinations and other travel medicine needs

For over a decade, employees from around the world have been uniting for our ‘One-in-a-Million’ one-day walking event. This event serves as the kick-off to our annual employee health and fitness month, which offers activities that highlight the importance of daily physical activity for energy and performance. In 2018, employees in 70 locations walked more than 40 million steps on One-in-a-Million Day. Through these and other programmes, Pitney Bowes has earned recognition from organisations such as the National Business Group on Health® and the American Heart Association for our continued efforts to promote and support employees’ health, wellness and engagement.

Financial well-being is also important to overall health, so we offer programmes that will help employees manage their finances and plan for the future. In the US, we introduced new benefits to help employees to manage their money wherever they are in their financial journey. Programmes such as CommonBond help 
our employees to refinance existing student loans, tackle high debt or seek new loans for themselves or their college-bound children. Other programmes like Even and Purchasing Power help employees to manage their cash flow, access pay cheque funds when needed and obtain credit and interest-free financing to help with major purchases.

Like these benefits, our retirement plan is also driven by our Core Value of ‘We do the right thing, the right way’. In recognition of our ongoing efforts to help employees to build a strong financial future, last year PLANSPONSOR magazine named Pitney Bowes as the 401(k) Plan Sponsor of the Year for plans with assets of over US $1 billion.

Empowering health care consumers

In addition to providing high-quality affordable care to more than 10,000 US employees, we structure our benefit offerings to make access to care as convenient as possible. Four onsite medical clinics provide care to our workforce at those locations and to employees visiting from afar. Employees can also obtain cancer screenings for breast or skin, health screenings with coaching, vision and hearing tests, smoking cessation support and other services.

In partnership with our benefit suppliers, we conduct workshops and webinars on sleep disorders, addiction, mental health, parenting, elder care and other topics. Employees and family members also have 24-hour access to a network of registered doctors and providers online through Amwell. Our Project: Living website offers employees easy access to resources and information that help them to make informed and cost-efficient decisions when seeking care.

Turning purpose into action

We aspire to motivate employees to take control of their own health and share accountability in making positive lifestyle choices. Through programmes like Wellness Perks, employees and covered spouses or domestic partners can earn incentives for making physical activity a part of their everyday life.

We also offer nutrition, fitness and emotional wellness events through our network of nearly 100 Wellness Champions who volunteer their time at work locations around the world. For our virtual workforce, we offer online and phone-based services including nutrition counselling, health coaching and team-based motivational programmes conducted by a team of registered dietitian-nutritionists, an exercise physiologist, and certified health coaches.

Taking the stigma out of mental health

Recognizing that resiliency, stress management and mental health are essential to overall well-being, we expanded the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and partnered with a global supplier in offering free EAP services in over 20 countries. Through our EAP, employees and their families have access to no-cost counselling and other work/life resources.

Guidance and support for those affected by cancer

In our continued partnership with Johns Hopkins, we offer Work Stride: Managing Cancer at Work, which offers a dedicated oncology nurse navigator who provides personalised, compassionate guidance and education to those affected by cancer, whether directly or as a caregiver. The programme also offers managers assistance in dealing with the impact cancer can have on the workplace.

Innovating for the future of health care

As a founding member of the Health Transformation Alliance (HTA), we have joined 50 like-minded companies, representing six million employees, to address health-care issues in the US. Since joining the HTA, we have identified and launched network solutions comprising high-value providers, and we have partnered with CVS Health to offer cost-effective prescription drug coverage. We will continue to focus on innovative solutions that reduce health-care costs while creating a highly personalised and efficient experience for our employees.