New Canada Post rates will take effect January 12, 2015.

Meter users can save up to 23%

Customers using a postage meter to mail their standard letters to destinations within Canada will pay $0.77 per letter—a 23% discount over single stamp purchases—or 9% lower than volume stamp purchases. Discounts also apply to letters mailed to USA and international addresses. Access the download instructions for your meter to save on postage.

Mailed within Canada

Up to 30 g

Over 30 g

Single Stamp



Stamps in Booklets/Coils
(per stamp)



Meter or
Postal Indicia3



Available to customers with an Agreement

Meter users save time and money.

Save up to 23% on your
everyday mail with a 
postage meter
Mailing systems not only save you time and money as you prepare mail, they also make it easier for the Canada Post to process and deliver your mail. Metered mail projects a professional image and offers simplified postal accounting; and now for the first time there is a financial benefit compared to using stamps.

With a Pitney Bowes postage meter, there are no piece minimums, no preparation requirements, and there is no need to report pieces on a postage statement. Simply apply postage, drop your letters in the mail, and watch the savings add up.

  • Save even more with a built-in scale. Our mailstation 2™ mailing system is ideal for every-day mail. You can weigh each piece, apply the correct postage, and avoid over-stamping.
  • Use your meter for parcels, too. You can even use your postage meter to pay for parcels when you use the Canada Post Electronic Shipping Tools online at Save a minimum 5% compared to retail rates.
  • Print full-colour graphics on envelopes. Use our high-volume Connect+ mailing systems to boost productivity, engage customers and grow your business.
  • Create customized envelopes. Every Pitney Bowes postage meter can also print a customized mail ad or return address beside the postage indicia, saving you the cost of a pre-printed envelope.

Get the most from your postage meter.

If you're already a Pitney Bowes customer, you don't have to make any changes-you can take advantage of these discounts automatically-no matter whether you are mailing within Canada or internationally. Just download the new rates prior to January 12, 2015 and your meter will do the rest. And remember that you can qualify for 5% savings or more when you use your meter for parcels, too.

For details, including instructions on how to download the new rates, please see our FAQs.  If you're not a Pitney Bowes customer and want to take advantage of these savings, see our wide range of postage meters today.


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