Hardworking mail begins with a complete addressing

DA70s AddressRight® Addressing System

Target the right market with the right media. This envelope printer can address your mail and add a personalized message to envelopes, postcards, booklets and more.

Creating compelling, personalized envelopes improves the probability of your mail being opened and read. Using fast inkjet technology, the DA70s can help your mail command the attention it needs to be successful. 

The printer connects easily to an existing network allowing for print job processing on any computer. Print almost anywhere on the envelope using shuttle head technology and reap the benefits of handling multiple layouts without having to change the printer setup. Take advantage of the optional Light Mode printing capability to maintain proper resolution while using less ink.

Every Pitney Bowes AddressRight Addressing System works in tandem with our mail management software as a total solution. StreetSweeper software can help you cleanse your address list, ensure delivery to your target customer and take advantage of pre-sort discounts.

  • Addresses up to 14,000 #10 envelopes per-hour.
  • Handles multiple media sizes.
  • Envelope Design tool allows user to create, design and view envelope on screen.
  • User decides how often printer performs automatic wiping of print head during print jobs.
  • Batch Counter tracks total number of printed pieces during a job.
  • Small footprint allows solution to fit in any office or mailroom environment.


14,000 per-hour (3 line address, no barcode)

Print Resolution:

Regular Mode: 600 x 600, 300 x 600, 150 x 600

Media Sizes:

3.5" x 5" to Max 15" x 15.5"

Media Weights:


Feeder Capability:

Up to 750 # 10 envelopes


12 Internal Downloadable Windows True Type