Consistent high performance on a flexible platform

Mailstream Evolution™ Inserting System

The Mailstream Evolution™ Inserting System delivers high performance when you need it—every single day. The system can run both letters and flats. Its flexible platform can be built to meet your current needs, and then easily expanded as your requirements grow.

The Mailstream Evolution™ inserting system comes with consistent and predictable performance, simplicity of use, integrity and reporting, built right in. Based on the highly reliable Pitney Bowes FPS™ Split Drive Inserting System, which has more than 1,500 installations worldwide, the Mailstream Evolution™ incorporates several upgrades that provide greater flexibility, productivity and integrity. These upgrades include integrated No Changeover capabilities that reduce the time required to change from letters to flats, and seamless integration to output management and automated document factory capabilities for accelerated job changeover, job reconciliation, envelope finishing, and more.

Choose a Mailstream Evolution solution that meets your business needs:

  • Positioned for Growth – If you're looking for a cost-effective system that can grow along with your operation, our growth model starts with the processing capabilities you need today, but can easily be expanded later as your needs grow. 
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  • Built for Productivity – If the highest possible productivity and efficiency is your goal, our productivity model is the right choice for you. It combines maximum speeds with time-saving operational features that can help you meet your SLAs every day.
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  • Built for Flexibility – Do you process a wide variety of applications that frequently change? Our flexibility model has time saving job changeover features built right in that ensure you can process whatever comes your way.
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  • Built for Privacy – If your organizations processes confidential customer information, you require the highest degree of privacy available. Our privacy model contains Privacy Guard—a Pitney Bowes exclusive—for the added assurance you need so you can sleep better at night.
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Choose from our flexible service offerings

Pitney Bowes is known for outstanding commitment to customer satisfaction and for providing exceptional service to leading print and mail operations globally. Our world-class service organization knows what it takes to meet the 24/7 demands of high volume mailers, and our customers count on us to make it happen.


  • Process all your mail on one system
  • Run #10 letters up to 14,000 mail pieces per hour
  • Produce 6x9 letters up to 12,000 mail pieces per hour
  • Finish flats mail up to 9,000 mail pieces per hour

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