Non-stop Performance: Redefined

Mailstream Productivity Series

The Mailstream Productivity Series is the next generation of ultra high-speed mail inserters, redefining non-stop performance, running up to 26,000 mail pieces per hour with greater flexibility and integrity.

Driven by the mailstream engine, interchangeable friction and rotary feeders, high productivity inputs and enhanced envelope sealers, the mailstream system combines an 18 percent increase in speed with a 10 percent increase in reliability and performance for an overall 28 percent boost in achieve throughput. It’s the new mailstream math.

Gain Competitive Advantage:

The mailstream Productivity Series provides a new level of non-stop performance, allowing high volume mailers to tackle multiple opportunities at higher speeds with a single system. In addition, the mailstream offers:

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater capacity
  • Stronger SLA performance
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Unrivaled flexibility

New Family of Solutions With a Built-In Upgrade Path

Unlike other high-speed systems, the mailstream Productivity Series offers a built-in upgrade path that allows mailers to increase speed and capabilities over time with no risk to their initial capital investment. Pitney Bowes offers three distinct models that all share a common platform and operating system.

  • mailstream 26: Fastest on multiple, low page-count applications - Now run #10 letters up to 26K MP/HR and 6x9 mail up to 22K MP/HR
  • mailstream 22: High-speed performance on merging print streams
  • mailstream 18: Ideal when transitioning to higher-speed environments

Mailers can transform an 18K system to the 22K configuration or 26K configuration AND the 22K to the 26K model. The new platform enables you to add speed and expanded capabilities as your business needs change. 

High Speed Envelope Sealing

While other inserter systems struggle to maintain envelope integrity at high speeds, the newly designed mailstream Envelope Sealers set a new standard at 26,000 per hour. You can rely on consistent, secure throughput that seals even with difficult-to-handle envelope material.

High Speed Meets Flexibility – NEW Rotary and Friction Feeders

With new hardened friction and rotary feeders that process up to 26K, you can increase productivity no matter what materials come your way.

Process the broadest range of insert types with servo powered friction and rotary feeders. Servo power lets you increase uptime, add flexibility without compromising throughput and provide the reliability and integrity you needed to deliver relevant, accurate content to each customer

Built-in production intelligence™ data-rich reporting

New robust, data rich reporting capabilities help you make better business decisions. Get multiple report types and job statistics to assess how your operations are running. The mailstream reports operate on a scalable platform with machine-based or network view.

NEW intuitive Direct Connect user interface

Operators now use a new top-down view of the system to assure high performance control for high integrity mail. The new interface is quick to learn and easy to operate with integrity options for direct scan, file-based processing or total document production management

High Productivity Inputs and Pinless Cutter

High Productivity Inputs (HPI) drive the speed of the mailstream system as servo powered sheet feeders, cutters and rolls, all of which eliminate speed degradation associated with high page count applications. Additionally, you increase uptime and reduce work stoppages with the HPI family of inputs’ that integrate with Direct Connect for high integrity mail.

Production Intelligence™ software & integrity

Pitney Bowes Emtex solutions offer output management for integrated print and mail finishing. You can consistently monitor and measure workflow, resources, job and mail piece status at the control system. Simplify and automate time-consuming production planning and analysis with Production Intelligence™.

RoHS compliance & ecowisesm

The mailstream family of inserters are all RoHS compliant, “green” systems, which means they help eliminate toxic waste. Additionally, inputs such as the pinless cutter enable reduced paper waste and recycling costs. Pitney Bowes also offers a new ecowisesm program for environmental stewardship to help indentify and reduce your mailing operations carbon footprint.

The new family of mailstream inserters represents a breakthrough in paper and envelope handling that allow mailers to run a broader range of formats, paper weights and materials at higher speeds—with fewer work stoppages, fewer reworks and fewer reprints. Production Intelligence™ software provides for end-to-end control and a closed-loop reconciliation that verifies each and every mailpiece.

Envelope Finishing System™

On-demand in-line printing provides more powerful messaging, with no pre-printed envelopes and inventory management issues. Attain volume purchase discounts by standardizing envelopes types.

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