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Onscreen icons and text make it easy for any employee to set up, select and process jobs.
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Elimination of manual mistakes associated with assembling mail ensures customers receive the correct communication.
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Automating mundane tasks, like folding and inserting mail, frees your staff to focus on high value tasks.
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The Relay folder-inserters allow multiple fold types, page sizes and outer envelope sizes.
Relay 1000 folder inserter
Relay 1000

The Relay 1000 is a simple solution for folding and inserting your mail. Fold, insert, and seal up to 900 envelopes per hour.

Relay 4500 folder inserter
Relay 2500, 3500 & 4500

Fold, insert and, seal up to 3,500 envelopes per hour with responsive touchscreen, easy-to-follow guides, automated adjustments, and quick job selection.