Explore how to take advantage of the full capability of the Digital Mailroom Assistant software with our great mailing equipment.

Falcon® Scanner
Falcon® Scanner
Process payments and scan documents directly from file folders, sealed envelopes and produce images and usable data in mere seconds.
Falcon® STS
Falcon® STS
Open Extract and Scan
Enables each mail piece to be imaged, sorted and tracked via barcode and its contents scanned.
Model 72™
Model 72™
Open Extract and Scan
Extraction desk device for mail extraction, engineered for high throughput rates. Optional sort pockets.

Keep your employees connected and up-to- date on all incoming mail

Mail, archive and deliver digitally – wherever you're working

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Gain Flexibility
Gain the flexibility of having mail delivered sooner, no matter where your employees are located
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Increase Productivity
Remove touchpoints and facilitate the workflow while focusing on what’s important
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Control Costs
By reducing manual processes, eliminate postage expenses and labour costs


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Work remotely

Scan your physical documents and deliver them digitally to the intended recipient using a simple work screen.
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Reduce environmental footprint by eliminating the need to save and store paper. Once digitized, the paper can be shredded and recycled.  
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Ensure a complete, reliable audit trail for every incoming document.
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Increase visibility

Real-time dashboards provide greater visibility into your entire inbound mail operation and will help you make better-informed decisions.
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Ease of use

Digital Mailroom Assistant software integrates seamlessly with your systems and can be easily customized to fit your needs.
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Allow workers to be more efficient and save time while staying current with their mail.
Today's agile working environment

How it works

Maintain security and accessibility that flows through your entire organization – no matter what your needs are.

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Discover how to gain flexibility and improve productivity when distributing incoming mail