Low cost of entry for a new level of First-Class Flats discounts.

EZ-Flats Sorting System

The EZ-Flats Sorting System helps identify the largest postal discounts in a single pass and offers a quick return on investment, at speeds up to 2,000 mail pieces per hour.

Pitney Bowes EZ-Flats System helps expand postal discounts for mailers who process between 500 and 10,000 First-Class flats per day. It is an ideal solution for fulfilment houses, direct mailers, commercial printers, transaction bureaus, and corporate and enterprise mail rooms looking to stem the tide of regulatory price changes.


  • Discounts in one pass: EZ-Flats utilises a unique software package that scans and directs flats for the maximum discount in a single pass.
  • Quick setup and operator friendly: On average, first time operators are up to speed and running the system within 15 minutes.
  • Mail piece integrity: EZ-Flats ensures flat mail integrity through territory designation assignments.
  • Accounting accuracy: Quickly access billing documentation for accurate chargebacks
  • Easy USPS documentation: Simply and accurately create manifest mailings.

Please call:  1 800 672-6937