OMATION 306 High Volume, High Speed Letter Opener

The world’s fastest, most robust and efficient envelope opener with speed up to 40,000 envelopes an hour.

Combining the latest in mail opening technology with refined ergonomics, the OMATION 306 sets a new standard for high volume mail processing. The improved milling cutter removes chips as small as 0.25mm from the envelope edge for safe and secure extraction. The new operator control software allows for more flexibility and easier job setup. With breakthrough speeds up to 40,000 envelopes per hour, the OMATION 306 can reliably open envelopes with milling technology more efficiently than ever.

Envelopes can be output to two locations based on programmable criteria such as thickness, length, and height. With its ability to identify “clean mail” from “exception mail,” the OMATION 306(s) helps to ensure maximum productivity by opening and sorting envelopes in a single pass. 

OMATION 306 letter opener

The OMATION 306 Letter Opener gets the job done fast – day after day. But that doesn’t mean you’ll need to invest in expensive and time consuming operator training. In fact, it’s so simple to operate that even inexperienced staff can easily achieve maximum speeds with little effort.

The OMATION 306 Letter Opener can save your business time and money. It combines the latest technology in mail opening and features refined ergonomics to aid operator workflow.

The unit has an improved milling cutter, removing chips as small as 0.25mm from the edge of the envelope. The unit produces a soft, feathered edge while protecting valuable envelope contents.

With speeds of up to 40,000 pieces per hour, it can reliably open and process mail with optimum productivity. Most significantly, the Model 306 is also available with enhanced sorting capabilities. Envelopes can be output to two locations based on programmable criteria such as thickness, length, and height.

Optional batching capability allows items to be grouped together in pre-selected lot sizes to aid workflow and monitor operator productivity.

Read more about the features and specifications in the 306 Letter Opener brochure.


45" (114.3 cm)


21" (53.34 cm)


58" (147.32 cm)


245 pounds


115 VAC, 60HZ, 8.5A

230 VAC, 50HZ, 5.5A


3338 BTU/h (115VAC)
4317 BTU/h (230VAC)


40,000 envelopes/hour

Envelope Sizes & Types

Lengths up to 13.5" (34.29 cm)


Up to 0.50" (1.27 cm)

Depth of Cut

From 0.01” (0.03 cm) from envelope
edge up to 0.125” (0.32 cm) in depth

Feeder Hopper Capacity

Up to 400 envelopes

Stand & Waste Bin