Sharing the Address Book in SendPro Online

Learn how to share the Address Book in SendPro Online.
Products affected: SendPro® Online

By default, each user has their own address book, but if you have a multi-user subscription, you can choose to have all users share a single address book. With a shared address book:

  • All users can add, edit, and delete recipient addresses.
  • All users can import addresses, but when doing so, they cannot replace the entire address book.
  • The shared address book is only for recipient addresses. Sender addresses are still specified for each user individually.

Only users with the role of Admin can perform this procedure.

Important: Once this setting is enabled, it cannot be undone. All users' address books will be permanently merged into one. There is no ability to go back to individual address books.

To enable the shared address book:

  1. Select Settings > Admin Options.
  2. Under Share Address Book, check the I want to use a shared address book box.
  3. When prompted, confirm that you wish to make this permanent change.

UPDATED: 14 August 2021