How to use differential weighing mode on the DM400, DM500 and more

Products affected: DM400™, DM500™, DM550™, DM800™, DM800i™, DM900™, DM1000™, DM1100™
When using differential weighing, all the mail is placed on the scale at once, then a piece is removed, one at a time.  The system calculates the postage for each piece of mail as it is removed from the scale and applies the postage to the piece as it goes through the mailing system.  
Each piece of mail must weigh at least as much as the Differential Weigh Trip Weight that was previously set.  If a piece of mail is removed that does not meet the minimum weight, the scale does not recognize the removal of the piece of mail.  
If more than one piece of mail is mistakenly removed, place all of the mail pieces back on the scale.  If only one piece is put back on, the system will not print the correct postage. 
Use the Differential Weighing mode if:
  • Mail that cannot be processed in the W-O-W mode
  • Mixed mail of different sizes and weights
  • An attached scale
To use Differential Weighing:
  1. Set the scale to zero by pressing the Menu button
  2. Selecting Zero Scale
  3. Press the Class button to choose a class if not already done
  4. If required, select Account and follow the prompts
  5. Press the Mode button
  6. If the Differential Weighing Mode is not listed, select Weighing Options
  7. Select Differential Weighing.  The system prompts to place the mail on the scale.
  8. Once the mail is placed on the scale, the system displays the prompt Print Tapes Automatically On or Off.
  9. To automatically print a tape when removing each piece of mail, select On.   To print on a piece of mail, select Off .  Remove each piece of mail from the scale, place on feed deck.  After removing the last piece of mail from the scale, the system prompts to print postage
  10. If the last item removed from the scale is a mail container, select No

UPDATED: June 15, 2015