Error code 1314: how to resolve on the DM500, DM550, and more

Products affected:DM400™, DM500™, DM550™, DM800™, DM800i™, DM900™, DM1000™, and DM1100™


The meter displays error code 1314, and the meter may not run mail.


The mail path sensor failed to see trail-edge of the material.


Reboot the meter and clean the mail path:
  1. Turn the power off with the power switch, located on the left side of the equipment; wait for the display to turn off
  2. Wait one minute then turn the power switch back on
  3. Check for jams and blow out with non-flammable compressed air
  4. With a soft cloth, clean the black Transport sensors in the transport area
    • DM800, DM900, DM1000 - sensor is located on the right side of the skis and straight back between the transport rollers and above the white ribbon cable with red stripes <or> locate the "peg" that the transport release lever attaches to and the sensor will be right below the "peg"
User-added image
  • DM500, DM550, DM800i - lower the Transport using the Transport Release Knob.  The sensor is located on the rear wall behind where the base and printer are attached together
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If your issue is not resolved, contact customer support from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time. Have your model number ready.

UPDATED: May 14, 2015