Error Code: 12EF, How to resolve on the DM400, DM500 and more

Products affected: DM400™, DM500™, DM550™, DM800™, DM800i™, DM900™, DM1000™, and DM1100™


The meter displays error code 12EF and will not boot up.


The meter head is not communicating with the mailing machine.


You may be able to clear the error by simply restarting your meter. Here are the steps to follow for a safe restart:
  1. Turn the power off with the power switch, located on the left side of the equipment; wait for the display to turn off
  2. Remove the meter from the top of the mailing machine by pulling the blue lever on the right hand side
  3. Wait one minutes and push the meter back on to the mailing machine until you hear it click
  4. Turn the power switch back on
If your issue is not resolved, contact customer support from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time. Have your model number ready.

UPDATED: June 02, 2015