Error: 37B6, how to resolve on the DM400C and DM475

Products affected: DM400C™ and DM475™


The machine shows error code 37B6 and will not run.


There is a jam in the machine feeder.


The Feeder section of your mailing machine is jammed.
  1. Unplug the power cord or turn the power off with the power switch, wait for the display to turn off
  2. Open the feeder cover
  3. Open all jam releases
  4. Remove any jammed mail pieces and debris
  5. Unload the tape strips
  6. Use non-flammable compressed air throughout the mail path to remove any dust or hidden debris
    • Make sure to spend enough time in this step to ensure that dust and debris are removed
  7. Close the jam releases and covers
  8. Plug the power cord back in or turn the power back on, ensuring that it is plugged directly into a wall outlet
  9. Reload the tape strips

If your issue is not resolved, contact customer support from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time. Have your model number ready.

UPDATED: June 16, 2015