End of Year Accounting instructions for the DM100i and DM125

Guidance for end of year accounting (standard accounting type) for the DM100i and DM125.

UPDATED: 19 June 2015

At the end of your accounting period, you can pull a summary account report showing your mailing system activity over the past accounting period. Once you have printed your summary account report, you must reset (clear) your account. The accounting function on your digital mailing system will then be prepared for a new accounting period.

NOTE: If your machine displays, "Accounting Period Invalid" or “Accounting Period Ended”, follow these instructions for Inview Accounting on your DM125™:

  1. Select Account. The End of Accounting Period screen display.
  2. Select Print Reports. Follow the prompts to print a copy of your reports.
  3. Once you have printed your reports and/or transferred your data, return to your Home screen and select Account. The End of Accounting Period screen displays.
  4. Select Clear All Data. The Confirm Clear Account Data screen displays
  5. Select Yes to clear your data. Once your account data clears, the Accounts Setup menu displays.
  6. Press the green down arrow key, and select Acct Period. The Accounting Period screen displays. You can now set up your accounting period for your new fiscal year.

Printing Account Reports 
You can print your multi-account or single-account reports at the end of your accounting period. Follow these steps to print a report for Standard Accounting DM100i™ and DM125™:

  1. Press Reports
  2. Select Printable report
  3. Select Multi Acct Summary or Single Accounts Rpt – depending on what you need
  4. When you are prompted, insert a tape sheet or envelope into your machine. Once your report is printed, your system returns to the Printable reports menu
    Note: If you are printing a multi-page report, you will be prompted to insert additional envelope(s)/tape sheet(s)
  5. Press Clear to return to Report type menu, or press Home

Clearing Account Totals
IMPORTANT: Once you clear your account, your account information cannot be retrieved. Ensure that your reports print correctly before you clear your accounts. After printing your account report, you must clear your account totals.

Follow these steps to clear account totals on your meter:

  1. From the Home screen, select the button next to ACCT:  This will display the Accounts menu.
  2. Press Page Down and select Clear all accounts
  3. At the Confirm Clear? prompt, press Yes/Enter (or No if you do not wish to clear all accounts). All your accounts are now cleared, and you will be returned to the Accounts menu.
  4. Press Clear or Home to return to the Home screen