Guide to printing postage tapes on the DM500 - DM1100

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UPDATED: 20 June 2015

The following lists the correct types of postage tapes for each model, and instructions for properly sealing an envelope. Postage tapes cannot be printed in the Seal Only, W-O-W® (Weigh-On-the-Way), or Weigh First Piece modes.

Types of tapes, per meter model:

DM400™ - DM550™ use adhesive tapes: 

  • 610-7 Self Adhesive 4" 3 Rolls / Carton 

DM500™ and DM550™ use adhesive tapes:

  • 610-7 Self Adhesive 4" 3 Rolls / Carton
  • 627-8 Self Adhesive 5" 3 Rolls / Carton 

DM800i™ - DM1100™ use adhesive and gummed tapes:

  • 627-8 Self Adhesive 5" 3 Rolls / Carton
  • 627-2C Gummed 6 Rolls / Carton 


Instructions to properly seal envelopes:

  • To moisten gummed tape:  move the Wet / Dry tape lever up.
    • Wet tapes exit one at a time. After printing a wet tape, the machine pauses for it to be removed before it prints and ejects another one.
    • If the wet tape is not removed within the required time, the machine stops. Remove the tape and press the Start button to continue.  
    • If using wet tapes, ensure there is enough E-Z Seal® sealing solution in the bottle 

  • To print one tape:  press the Tape button instead of placing mail on the deck.

  • To print more than one tape:  use the numeric buttons to type in the number of tapes wanted then press the Tape button.  
    • The tapes exit into the stacker on the right side of the mailing system
    • Fifty tapes can be requested at a time

  • For dry tapes or pressure-sensitive tapes:  move the Wet/Dry tape lever down. Do not lift any of the covers on the mailing system while the system is printing or the system stops printing.