How to change the time on a DM100i and DM125

Steps for how to set the time on the DM100i or DM125.

UPDATED: 20 June 2015

You can change the time on your meter, and modify other features including setting the amount of time your system can remain inactive before reverting back to the Normal Preset values.

Correcting the drift:
Occasionally, the time on your meter may need to be changed due to internal "drift", or the activation of Daylight Saving Time. Follow these steps to correct drift on your DM100i™ and DM125™:

  1. Press Options
  2. Press Page Down
  3. Select Time and Timeouts
  4. Press Page Down
  5. Select Correct Drift
  6. You can choice of adding or subtracting minutes from the current time displayed. To Add Minutes:
    • Select Add 1-120 min to add minutes
    • Key in the number of minutes you need to add and select Continue
    • Select Subtract 1-120 min to subtract minutes
    • Key in the number of minutes you need to subtract and select Continue
  7. The display returns to the Time and Timeouts menu
  8. Press Clear (back arrow key) to return to Options menu