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How to create a supervisor password on DM500-DM550

Follow these steps to create or change the supervisor password on a DM500™ – DM500™:

  1. Press the Menu button
  2. Select Set Up
  3. Select Basic Settings
  4. Press the down arrow and select Supervisor Set Up
  5. Select Edit (or Add) Supervisor Password
  6. The system prompts to enter a password and then confirm it. If a supervisor password exists, enter a new password and the system will prompt for the password again.
  7. When the password has been created, select the option that corresponds to the operation to be password protected. The options are:
    • Refill - select to require a password for adding postage
    • Clear Batch - select to require a password before clearing the batch count information
    • Scale/Rates - select to require a password before modifying any of the Scale/Rates features
    • Accounting Setup - select to password protect account editing and setup
  8. Press Enter
  9. To Deactivate the supervisor password:
    1. Select Edit
    2. Leave the password blank
    3. Press Enter