How to unpack and prepare a new DM100i or DM125

UPDATED: 15 July 2016

Follow these simple steps to set up your new equipment. Make sure you have registered your meter with your My Account profile.

Unpack the meter:

  • Remove all shipping tape and packing material.
  • Open the top cover and remove the shipping tape inside the meter.
  • Place the meter in your work area. If you are connecting your meter to the PB Data Center through the Internet, the meter should be near a PC or network point that can be connected through a USB cable

Prepare Connections

You have several options for connecting to the Pitney Bowes Data Center. Select the connection type for your DM100i™ or DM125™ that suits you and your office environment best.

A.  Connect using PC Meter Connect over the Internet:

  • With the PC Meter Connect desktop application installed on a computer connected to your meter, the PC acts as a conduit to the Internet and the PB Data Center
  • Download and install PC Meter Connect on your desktop computer
  • Restart your computer. Make sure the PC Meter Connect application is running. (The icon should be displayed in the task bar.)
  • Connect the USB cable between the meter and a PC (make sure the PC is connected to the Internet).
  • PC Meter Connect will walk you through the steps to set up your connection.

B.  Connect directly to the Internet (DM125):

  • The DM125 has the option to sync using a local area network (LAN). Plug a LAN cable into the LAN adaptor to connect. 

Power up

  • Connect the power cord to the meter and plug it into a wall outlet that is not controlled by a switch. Some models may also have a power switch. If so, toggle it to the On position.
  • The meter will now power on, perform a self-check, and enter Install mode.
  • You can exit the Install mode at any time by pressing Clear twice and then Yes. Return to Install mode through the Options Menu/Advanced Features/Run Install Mode.

Set the Language & Time

  • Follow the menus on the display screen to Advanced Features and use the selection keys to make your choice