Constant Connection security and installation for DM series meters

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UPDATED: 20 June 2015

Constant Connection is an option that allows you to connect your DM125™, DM300C™—DM475™, and DM500™—DM1100™ machine to the Pitney Bowes Data Center via a local area network, LAN, that has Internet access. Constant Connection high-speed connectivity eliminates the need for an analog phone line and provides faster transmission speed when connecting through your local network. 

  • While connected to a Pitney Bowes Server for postage refills, the meter uses public and private keys to authenticate the information and authorize the refill
  • No private, personal account or other sensitive information is transmitted between the meter and Pitney Bowes
  • A supervisor password can be added to your list of authorized users to restrict access to all or some of the administrative functionality. This password is required at start-up to access the meter.
  • If you use the password functionality, an inactivity timeout relocks the meter, requiring the password’s reentry before using the meter again
  • The meter provides a configurable host-based firewall designed to permit secure communication between the meter and PC-based add-on packages

Trusted Certification
Your data is secure when using Constant Connection. ICSA Labs Premier Services, ICSA Labs, a company specializing in custom evaluation and certification testing services for information technology products, conducted tests on the meter running Mega software v17. The evaluation certified that the Ethernet-enabled DM Series Digital Mailing System meter is:

  • Qualified to operate securely over an Ethernet connection
  • Not vulnerable to exploitation
  • Will not introduce any vulnerability to an existing customer network

Review Constant Connection Installation for instructions to easily connect using your LAN.