Troubleshooting printing issues on your DM100i and DM125

UPDATED: 12 September 2015 

Print quality on your DM100i™ and DM125™ can be affected by a number of things -- from lack of use to overuse.

  • When your meter sits idle for a long span, ink drops from previous printings can dry out and clog the nozzles in your print head
  • Overuse can accelerate wear and tear on the mechanical parts of your printer assembly, which can affect alignment and other printer functions

These factors, along with other variables, can contribute to a deterioration in your print quality. Here are some steps you can do to help prevent and correct printing problems.

Run a print test pattern & clean the print head
Running a test and executing the maintenance function on your meter can improve print quality:

Poor print quality or no printing
When print begins to fade or the meter displays the message, Low Ink, it is time to order a new ink cartridge. Once the Ink Out message appears, your meter will no longer print postage until your ink cartridge is replaced.

Poor print quality after replacing cartridge

  • Make sure the protective tape covering the ink hole has been removed from your ink cartridge
  • It is possible you may have accidentally installed a spent cartridge. You can determine if your cartridge is new or used by weighing it. Your cartridge will weigh 71 grams (g) when full.

Resume printing from seal-only mode

  • If your system is not printing, it may be in seal-only mode, which disables printing. Press the Exit Seal Only mode soft key to return to your Home screen and resume printing.

Jammed envelope in the printer transport

  • Turn your transport release lever to the vertical position and remove paper fragments from the transport
  • Once your transport is clear, turn your release lever back to the horizontal Home position and resume printing.

Skewed mail

  • Ensure your mail is held up to the registration wall
  • Do not hold onto your piece once it is moving through the transport
  • Do not attempt to force oversize pieces through -- use a tape sheet instead

Print a test stamp
Print a $0 stamp to test print quality on the meter:  press Zero, then Enter and insert an envelope or tape sheet to print a $0 indicia.


If these troubleshooting steps do not resolve the poor print quality, contact customer support from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time. Have your model number ready.