What features are available on the DM300c, DM400c, or DM475

UPDATED: 12 June 2015

Review the list of optional features on the DM300C™, DM400C™, or DM475™

  • ENERGY STAR® compliant machines help to lower operating costs and preserve the environment
  • Large, easy-to-read display shows system status and prompts you through set-up operations
  • Semi-automatic (DM300C) and automatic envelope feeding (DM400C/DM475) transport and auto-eject
  • DM475 - Weigh-On-The-Way® (WOW) Rating accurately determines the rate for each piece of mail based on its length, width, thickness and weight – all in compliance with Canada Post regulations.
  • Weigh-On-The-Way (WOW) feature (DM475) increases your productivity by weighing the piece of mail and applying the correct postage as it travels through the mailing machine
  • Automatic date advance
  • User-selectable ad slogans and inscriptions
  • Convenient and simple postage refills via Postage by Phone. Note: this requires an analog phone line, LAN Internet connection, or PC with Internet access.
  • Stacker neatly stacks finished envelopes
  • Ink jet printing technology provides clear, crisp imprints
  • Weighing platform weighs mail pieces
  • Integrated rating feature calculates correct postage
  • Date and time stamp for use on incoming mail or on sensitive documents
  • Accounting feature tracks postage costs by department
  • Password protection limits access to authorized personnel
  • With the Accounting option you can track 25, 100 or 300 accounts. Also, data can be printed or exported to a PC computer.
  • In-line moistener wets and seals envelopes
  • USB communication ports for exporting report data to a PC and for adding peripherals, such as an optional scanner or printer
  • Advertise your business on every mail piece to build your professional image
  • IntelliLink® Package Services - Ship with Canada Post and save a minimum of 8% on parcels