What is the Multi-Account Summary (external printer) for the DM500-DM550

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UPDATED: 20 June 2015

This version of the DM500™ or DM550™ Multi-Account Summary can only be printed using an attached external printer.  Account numbers are only assigned to the lowest level of the account hierarchy or transaction level.  Account numbers will only appear if the account does not have subaccounts.  If the account has subaccounts, account numbers will only be displayed for the lowest level account.  The piece and postage totals for accounts with subaccounts displays as Subtotal.  

Printed Report
The Multi-Account Summary prints out on an attached printer. This report provides this information:  

  • Meter stamp number
  • Date report is printed.
  • Time report is printed
  • Page number
  • Station ID: a user-defined number to identify the meter
  • Number assigned to an account, subaccount, or sub-subaccount
  • Name of the account, subaccount, or sub-subaccount
  • Total of Items of mail for account, subaccount, or sub-subaccount
  • Amount of funds used in account
  • Total of funds used for each level of accounts
  • The grand total of pieces of mail
  • The grand total of the funds used