Troubleshooting printing issues on your mailstation or mailstation2

UPDATED: 09 May 2016

Print quality on your mailstation™ or mailstation2™ can be impacted by various things -- from lack of use to overuse.

When your meter sits idle for a long span, the ink drops from previous printings can dry and clog the nozzles in your print head

Overuse can accelerate wear and tear on the mechanical parts of your printer assembly, which can affect alignment and other printer functions.

If you are experiencing poor print, such as streaky, blotchy, faded print, or no print, there are steps you can do to fix print quality and help prevent future issues:

Poor print (e.g., faded, streaks, or smudged) - Cleaning your print head and printer nozzles by running the maintenance function on your meter can improve print quality:

  • Clean and maintain the print head
  • Run the Purge maintenance function
  • Print a test pattern to see if these steps fixed the issue

Not printing or very poor quality - Low ink or no ink left in your print cartridge can impair print quality and cause other problems with your meter.

  • When to check your ink cartridge
  • Replace your ink cartridge

Poor print quality after replacing ink cartridge

  • Make sure the protective tape covering the ink hole has been removed from your ink cartridge
  • It is possible you accidentally installed a spent or depleted cartridge. You can determine if your cartridge is new or used by weighing it:
    • A full mailstation cartridge (797-0) weighs 47 grams
    • A full mailstation2 ink cartridge (797-M) weighs 49 grams

Meter displays message: Envelope not detected 
If you see this message, completely remove the envelope or tape sheet from the slot; then try reinserting it to see if the internal sensor can detect the mail piece

Quality does not improve:
If the poor quality or print issue is not fixed after trying these steps, call 1-800-672-6937 to speak to a Pitney Bowes Customer Service Representative regarding your equipment.